Content Day!

Does your product business desperately need new photos and content? Here's your chance to try out professional product photography for free!

Fill out the questionnaire below and let us know more about your products. We'll review your entry and get back to you. If your products are a great fit, we'll set you up with your free session. Send your products by August 20 and you'll soon get gorgeous photos you can use to promote your brand.

This is a one time trial offer. I hope you love your photos so much that you'll consider a brand session subscription. If you know another amazing business owner that would love professional content, please feel free to refer them or send them this link.

Ship Your Product from Anywhere!

No need to be local.

Please Note

You'll receive 2 images per product/set. One will be just the product, the second image will be with a model.

You can have more than one item in each photo if it makes sense. For example, you could send 5 hair accessories to be photographed in one photo and it would count as one set. Or you could send a set of 10 pens and it would be counted as 1 set/photo.

While most of the products we'll be working with are accessories, kids/women's clothing, jewelry, and skin/hair products, please reach out even if your product is different.

Please note that products are not returned. Please keep this in mind when choosing what products to send. Models will receive some products as a thank you. If you have items you would like returned, please reach out for information on a custom session which starts at $650.

If you would like more than 5 products photographed, you can take advantage of a one time trial session with up to 10 or 15 products.

Products will need to be mailed in by August 20.

My studio is located in Central Florida.

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