Brand Photography Tips and Ideas

Tips and ideas on how to prepare for your brand photoshoot

Michelle Guzman

10/3/20220 min read

Having styled photos for your brand can be a great way to market what you do. Let me share why I loved this styled brand photoshoot and give you several tips on how you can prepare for your own brand photo session.

Orlando Brand Photographer

For this brand shoot, we wanted some fun, relaxed photos. But we also wanted a styled and super feminine photo session.

Before every brand photoshoot, I spend hours and hours planning details that will help tell the brand story. This might be by using certain colors, sourcing, different props, choosing certain poses, and more.

For this studio session, we wanted some styled Christmas photos as well as other images that could be used year-round.I had help with the styling of the studio space. It was so much fun to come up with ideas, collaborate with others, and see the finished product.

It’s a lot of work, but so worth it!

Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer

Since this photo shoot, I’ve brought in new backdrops, furniture, and props that can be used for any photo brand shoot at the studio. But it’s always fun to create something more custom and work with a stylist. If you have a specific idea, I would love to collaborate with you.

The styled photoshoot, brings me back to producing events, live shows, or TV productions. While the show might be an hour or two, it might take days or weeks or months to produce. And while not over you photo session needs as many details, it’s so much fun to see a styled photoshoot take shape.

Orlando Brand Photographer

Planning a brand shoot for yourself? You can personalize a session by bringing a few items to your branding photo session. Here are a few ideas on what to bring.
1. Your laptop or tablet
2. You smart phone
3. A beautiful book
4. Cute office supplies
5. Fresh flowers or an artificial plant

Orlando Brand Photographer

Having different outfit changes is a great way to create variety in your brand photos. Here are some tips and ideas.

Your Brand Colors
If you have colors, chosen for your friend, consider wearing these colors to your brand photo shoot. It will help bring your branding together and look cohesive on your website and other marketing materials. If you don’t have brand colors, chosen for your business or organization, consider choosing neutrals, that will go with most things. I would stay away from neon colors if it’s not already your brand color palette.

Complementary Colors
Choosing colors that look good on you is always a plus. Is there a color you get complimented on when you get it? You don’t have to go through a color theory class or get a wardrobe consultant to have an idea of what you feel good in…although that would be helpful if you think it’s on.

I really like the neutrals here. Such a pretty color palette. Bringing a blazer is such a great way to give a polished look to your wardrobe.

Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer

Quick Changes
Choose clothes that you can quickly changed into. Forget the complicated buttons or that dress with the tricky zipper. Don’t waste your valuable photo time on clothing changes.

Accessories can quickly make your wardrobe more interesting. Bring earrings, necklaces, scarves, headbands, hats, or other accessories you think will be fun. A basic tea or dress can be so much more interesting with a quick addition of accessories.

The hat in these photos really made the look complete. Such a fun piece to add! The blazer is basically an accessory here. The pattern was so pretty. The jewelry completed the look.

Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer

Have a list of what you are wearing. It can be so helpful when you have everything planned out.

Hire a Professional Wardrobe Stylist
If you have the budget for it, hiring a professional stylist, can you bring fresh ideas to your outfits. A great Cyrus can choose clothing that’s the right fit for you and compliments, your body type. We can also help choose the best colors for you.

Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration. You can search for an item you already have and see how other people style. If you already have a clothing, Pinterest board, it’s great to see what styles you have already been drawn to. If there’s something on your board that has been there for a while, and you still love it, chances are, that might be a great option for you.

Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer
Orlando Brand Photographer

Friends with Great Taste
If you have a friend that has amazing taste, consider asking them for help in choosing what you wear for your brand photo shoot.

Wardrobe Subscription
There are many options where you can find a stylus that can choose outfits for you. Some of these subscriptions are hit or miss. But I have heard many people really enjoy what their stylist picked out. Know that this might not be as customized to you as having a stylist in person.

Orlando Brand Photographer

Just a Few Pieces
You don’t mean a brand new wardrobe for your branding photo shoot. In fact, you might not need anything new at all. But a fun accessory or a couple of new tops you love can really make you feel more confident at your photo session.

Be Comfortable
There’s something so comforting in wearing your favorite pieces. Whatever you bring, be comfortable in it. If the fabric is itchy or the style is super out of your comfort zone, you might not feel as amazing in front of the camera.

I hope these branding photo shoot tips have helped you. If you are interested in more tips, subscribe to the VIP email list. You’ll receive more tips as well as first access to some upcoming photoshoots and events.

If you’re booking a brand session with me, I’ll also help plan your photo session and detail. I can even include a professional hair and makeup artist here at the studio. I’m so excited for you and your new photos!