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Let’s talk about mental wellness
and take amazing photos!

Want to learn more about mental wellness and how to feel more confident in photos?

Hemp Wellness Advocate


Join Tiffany, Hemp Wellness Advocate, for actionable insights on cultivating confidence in your business. Dive into faith-based strategies while discovering natural remedies to foster tranquility, alleviate anxiety, and empower your entrepreneurial journey.

Brand Designer and Photographer


Michelle will be sharing tips on how to look and feel confident in your photos even if you’re camera shy. She will also have a photoshoot time. You’ll receive a free micro photoshoot and 1 free professionally edited, high resolutions photo you can use for your brand.

What’s Included:

Meet other Christian women in business
Learn about cultivating confidence in your business
Tips on how to look and feel confident in your photos
Free micro photoshoot with one free professionally edited image
Option to purchase more professional photos at a special price
See and choose your favorite photos at the event
Light refreshments served

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To book your spot, start by choosing your photoshoot time.

Photo session times start before 11:00. We’ll be available to talk branding till around 1:00pm, but feel free to leave earlier.

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